SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoo List

by John

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) And Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are dangerous chemicals that are used in produts we use everyday. Sulfate (SLS) is a very easy and cheap to produce chemical and is used in a variety of products like washing detergents, floor cleaners, dish washing soaps, creams, hair shampoos and soaps. Dangerous effects of SLS and SLES to the human body are now well known. Some of the health problems that sulfate can lead to are breast cancer, hormonal imbalance, liver problems and many others. It is very important that you use a Sulfate free shampoo as this chemical has known to be causing hair loss, dandruff, scalp itchiness and other scalp problems. Below is a safe to use SLS free shampoos list.

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo

  • Salon professional hair shampoo
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Hair color safe
  • Proteins and nutrient rich oils
  • Strengthens hair and adds shine
TIGI Bed Head Superstar is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Aubrey Organics Shampoo

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Paraben & Petrochemicals free
  • Excellent in preventing flaking scalp
  • Leaves your hair feeling light, soft and bouncy
aubrey organics is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo for Frequent Use

  • Aromatherapeutic Green Tea & Lime
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Paraben Free
  • Moisture balancing
  • Cleans your hair without stripping or drying it out
Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo for Frequent Use is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo

  • Sulfate-Free and Color-Safe
  • Made with amino acid and essential fatty acid cleansers
  • Made with Certified Argan Oil
  • Enriched with Omega-6, anti-oxidants, rice amino acids,and essential lipids
  • No Parabens
DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Herbal Choice Natural Shampoo

  • 100% natural and chemical free
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Excellent smell that is not artificial
  • Reduces hair falling
  • Cheap and good for daily use
Herbal Choice Natural Shampoo is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

John Masters Organics Shampoo

  • Synthetic artificial color free
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Paraben & Petrochemicals free
  • Made of pure coconut with herbal infusions of periwinkle, sage leaves, chamomile flowers, willow bark and burdock root
  • Never tested on animals
John Masters organic is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Nurture My Body Organic Volumizing Shampoo

  • Gentle, fragrance-free botanical rich cleanser
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Petrochemicals free
  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Gentle on scalp and hair
Nurture My Body Organic Volumizing Shampoo is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Max Green Scalp Rescue Shampoo

  • effective for treatment of dandruff
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • GMO free
  • Lanolin free
  • Certified vegan and cruelty free
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Contains essential oils of organic lemon tea tree, lemon tea tree, lavender and gerenium
Max Green Scalp Rescue is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Original Beer Shampoo - Brewed with Stout Beer

  • Made with Real Beer!
  • SLS free shampoo
  • Phthalate -Free
  • Contains healing botanical extracts (Acai Berry, Jojoba, Aloe Leaf, Sunflower Seed)
  • Provide a restorative coat of vitamin B, proteins, and minerals to each strand of hair
Original stout Beer Shampoo is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

NaturOli Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo - Ayurvedic Ingredients

  • 100% botanical, chemical-free formula
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Soap Nuts / Soap Berries
  • Relieves itchy scalp
  • Gluten free. Contains no animal products and not tested on animals.
  • Made in the USA.
NaturOli Soap Nuts Natural Ayurvedic is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Free & Clear Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

  • 100% chemical-free formula
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Formulated without dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance, protein, parabens, formaldehyde
  • Non-alkaline for compatibility with the skins normal pH
  • Recommended for daily use by all members of a family irrespective of age.
Free & Clear for Sensitive Skin is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Earth Science - Fragrance-Free Shampoo

  • 100% fragrance free formula
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Gentle, non-irritating cleansers made from Palm and Wheat Germ Oils
  • Natural herbal extracts and soy protein
  • Contains chamomile extract & jojoba 0il.
Earth Science - Fragrance-Free is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Malibu 2000 Well Water Action Shampoo

  • Specifically formulated to cleanse hair that has been exposed to hard water
  • Sulfate free shampoo
  • Prevents build-up of iron, calcium, copper and magnesium
  • Safe for all ages and chemically-treated hair
Malibu 2000 Well Water Action is a SLS free shampoo that you will love

Also check out SLS free toothpastes

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