Free Sprinkler & Water Use Inspection Program In Colorado

April 26, 2012
Free Sprinkler Inspection Program To Save Water

Slow the flow Colorado is  a free program offered by the Center For Resource Conservation to residents of cities in Colorado that are customers of participating water providers. This program is basically a sprinkler inspection program that is offered to customers for free! This inspection is really an irrigation audit that is performed by water […]

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Green Toys Sand Play Set – Perfect For The Beach & Sand Box

November 9, 2011
Green Toys Sand Play Set Eco-Toys For Kids Review

I bought the Green Toys Sand Play set along with the Green Toys Tugboat and my little one likes both of them. Just like all other Green Toys products, this sand play set is very durable and safe. I really admire its durability because sand toys take a lot of beating in the hot summer […]

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Green Eco-Friendly Toy For Bath : Green Toys Tugboat

November 9, 2011
Thumbnail image for Green Eco-Friendly Toy For Bath : Green Toys Tugboat

Interest in eco-toys or toys that are free of harmful chemicals has grown exponentially in recent times due to the non-stop string of recalls of toys that are manufactured overseas, especially in china. Parents like me are naturally concerned about the safety of these toys are sold at big box stores like Walmart and Target. […]

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PlateTopper Is Here, Say Bye To Tin Foil And Plastic Wrap

November 4, 2011
PlateTopper makes food storage easier than ever

Michael Tseng of San Francisco, CA has come up with a new product called the PlateTopper that will easily convert your regular dinner plates to airtight food storage containers. You do not have to deal with plastic wrap and tin foil anymore to keep your food fresh. Al you need to do is get a […]

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SLS Free Toothpaste – Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate toothpastes

July 25, 2011
SLS free toothpaste list

SLS free toothpastes are those that do not contain the hamrful chemical called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Toothpastes that contain this chemical are known to cause painful canker sores and chapped lips. Perioral dermatitis (tiny red bumps around the mouth) are also a common side effect of SLS. With growing awareness about the chemicals that […]

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Natural Lawn Weed Killer List – Stay Away From Harmful Herbicides That Use Glyphosate

June 27, 2011
Organic and Natural Lawn Weed Killer List

If you have not heard about the bad effects of chemicals like Glyphosate that are commonly used in popular lawn weed killers like Roundup, then you should read about the birth defects caused by Roundup and the toxicity evaluation of Glyphosate herbicides. In short, the chemical weed killers that you may be using to kill […]

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Stop Getting Those Annoying Yellow Pages Phone Books By Opting Out At

February 21, 2011
opt out of yellow pages phone books

Finally, there is now an easy way to stop getting those Yellow Pages directories at your doorstop. The Yellow Pages Association, an association of Yellow Pages publishers in U.S and Canada, has rolled out an updated version of their opt out site at The updates to the site have now made it more easier […]

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Best Use Of Fallen Fall Leaves – Compost Them

October 28, 2010
Compost the fallen fall leaves

Every fall, i have tons and tons of fallen leaves in my yard, garden and open space. I have been collecting these leaves using a leaf blower vacuum and putting them in my backyard compost bin. Dry leaves bring the “brown” part to a compost bin and add to the overall nutrient content of the […]

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Heavy Metal Toxicity In Human Diet And Effect On Human Health

March 2, 2010
heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead are present in human diet and prolonged exposure to them can be dangerous to human health

What Are Heavy Metals? You may remember this from your chemistry classes in school. Heavy metals are those chemical elements which have a high relative atomic mass. They have a specific gravity greater than 5.0 and are considered to be poisonous to many living organisms like humans. The most common heavy metals that are present […]

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Electronics That Are Sucking Electricity Even When Not In Use

February 24, 2010
electronic devices suck power even when not in use - unplug devices to save electricity

Have you ever looked at your electricity bill and wondered “Huh, am i really using all this electricity? I can’t believe it!”? You may have not known this, but  you may only be responsible for about 70% of that electricity bill. The remaining 30% could be  all your electric equipment sucking electricity even when you […]

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